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‘heArtbeats’: Street Artist Lonac Unveils Animated Heart Piece (GIF)

by Joseph


Valentine’s Day is only a couple week away, and a street artist by the name of Lonac is commemorating the occasion with an appropriately off-beat and very impressive work of art: A stop-motion animated mural of a realistic and operational human heart. It’s called heArtbeats.

The heArtbeats animated working heart cleverly uses a couple of ducts in the ceiling to simulate the taking in and pumping out of blood, almost as if the building itself were being kept alive through biological means. The heart itself expands and contracts just like the real thing, and the illusion is so vivid that you can almost hear the heartbeats even though it’s a totally silent animated GIF.

You can check out heArtbeats for yourself below. And if it gets your blood pumping, you may want to check out more of Lonac’s work at the artist’s official Facebook page right here.

Here it is:

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