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HD Vinyl: Higher Quality Vinyl Records Coming Next Year

by Joseph
HD Vinyl

HD Vinyl

Audiophiles spend a goodly chunk of their lives searching for the perfect sound. The streaming era has been tough on these individuals, since most listeners don’t really care about quality and bandwidth rules all. But maybe, if HD Vinyl turns out to be legit, Neil Young and his lossless disciples will have some good news for a change. According to the tech’s developers:

“HD Vinyl is a massive improvement over traditional vinyl records. It offers better sound, higher frequency response, 30% more playing time, and 30% more amplitude than current vinyl records.”

Despite the tech upgrade, which works by way of a “ceramic stamper” that ensures every record contains a perfect topographic map of the recorded audio in question, HD Vinyl is 100 percent backwards compatible and will work on any standard record player. Here are the HD Vinyl people again:

“It also eliminates the toxic chemicals currently used in the vinyl mastering process, while completely removing tangential/radial error.  For manufacturers, there’s also no quality gap between the first and last copy produced (no stamper wear).”

The only downside to HD Vinyl, except the likely premium price tag, is that you can’t run out and try a copy of your favorite record in the format right now. Instead, you’ll have to wait for it to hit the market sometime next year, but in the meantime you can learn more at the product’s official site right here.


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