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HBO Announces Standalone Subscription Option for Next Year

by Joseph


One of the cornerstones of the HBO brand has been that you have to be a cable subscriber in order to get their programming. The recent introduction of HBO GO gave college kids and slackers all over the world a taste of what it might be like to have HBO and not have to pay for a fancy cable package, and now HBO has finally made the announcement that they’re going to give people that option starting next year.

The announcement was made by HBO chief executive Richard Plepler at an investor’s day conference for the company. Plepler declined to offer even a ballpark figure for what a standalone streaming subscription might cost, but did pledge to “work with our current partners” in deciding on a price point that wouldn’t anger cable companies too much.

As a result, we’ll all just have to wait for more information on HBO’s new streaming model to arrive at some point in the not too distant future. And if you’ve been mooching off your parents’ HBO GO, you’re about to lose an excuse to keep doing that. For more, head over to the channel’s website here.


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