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Hater: A Dating App That Matches You by Things You Hate

by Joseph


When I was in college, I had three roommates: Two that I didn’t really speak to at first, and one that I avoided at all costs. Then, an interesting thing happened—one way or another, I found out that one thing I and the first two roommates had in common was our hatred of the third, and before we knew it we were all friends. It’s a cynical foundation for a relationship, but not an ineffective one, and that’s the idea behind a new dating app called Hater.

Instead of matching users on profile photos or shared interests, Hater matches you with others using a much more consistent and reliable force: Hatred. Users answer questions about as many as 3000 different potential subjects of hate, including slow walkers, bad tippers, and other Seinfeldian violators of unspoken social contracts. Then, the app places you in conversations with people of similar hateful stripes, hopefully allowing sparks to fly.

You can check out the Hater app for yourself right here. Who knows, you might even get matched up with Amelie Gillette!

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