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Hashtag Caps From Been Trill

by Joseph
Been Trill Caps

Been Trill Caps

Formerly ultra-rare (now available at Pacsun) fashion brand Been Trill is famous for their backwards and hashtagged New York Yankees logo, placed on baseball caps for the ultimate “cool sports fan” look. Now, in anticipation of the brand’s mainstream roll-out, the idea is going to be expanded to include logos from other baseball teams as well.

So watch out baseball fans in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Chicago.  The Been Trill backwards hashtag look is coming to your town.

As for whether more localities will benefit from the Been Trill touch, that remains to be seen.  It will probably depend on just how popular these four snapbacks turn out to be.

You can see the preview image of the caps—which come straight from Been Trill founder Matthew Williams’ Instagram account here—via the above image.


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