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‘Hash 2 Ash’: Museum Installation Turns Selfies Into Ash (Video)

by Joseph
Hash 2 Ash

Hash 2 Ash

I don’t recommend you think about this too much or else you’ll get depressed, but it’s true that with so much of our lives and culture on the internet, much of it is doomed to melt away in the future. A new installation called Hash 2 Ash at the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw drives this point home in an unforgettable way.

Hash 2 Ash is sort of a trite title in English, but the subtitle – “everything saved will be lost” – is appropriately heavy for the subject matter. It’s the work of art collective Pangenerator, which described their goals with the project in a recent interview:

“We naturally thought of selfie culture and played with this idea of preserving our images compulsively, contrasted with the fragility of data in a long run.”

If you’re not able to make it to the National Ethnographic Museum to see Hash 2 Ash in person, you can see how it works in the video below.

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