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Has the SNKRS App Worked for Anyone? Ever???

by Kevin Nardone

To people on the outside of the sneaker-head world, it is hard to understand the magnitude of frustration endured on the never ending quest to complete a proper shoe collection.

In the old days, it was hard enough… Camping out in front of stores, waiting amongst hundreds of other lunatics, all gunning for the same brands, in the same sizes.

But now, the Sneaker Gods have instituted a new, somehow less just system in which no one—and I mean no one ever gets the sneakers they want.

And that, of course, is the monstrosity better known as the SNKRS app.

If you are not into collecting or selling sneakers (which let’s be honest you are, otherwise why would you click on this) you may not be familiar with it, but basically, the SNRKS app was a pseudo lottery system created for consumers to virtually buy a new release.

You may have noticed it popping up on the timeline during the holidays—or after a big drop.

The only problem is no one seems to actually get selected!

And if you want to see the horrific impact it is having on people’s mental health, do a quick Twitter search and it will all make more sense.

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