Home Style Harvey Nichols Commercial Features Real Shoplifters (Video)

Harvey Nichols Commercial Features Real Shoplifters (Video)

by Joseph
Harvey Nichols Shoplifting Ad

Harvey Nichols Shoplifting Ad

British department store chain Harvey Nichols is known even outside of its home turf in the UK for its unusual commercials and advertising campaigns. The latest enlists actual footage of people who have tried (and failed) to get away with shoplifting from the store over the years, in service of a campaign for their new rewards app.

The slogan for the Harvey Nichols app (at least in this shoplifting-centric commercial) is “Love freebies? Get them legally,” which is a good alternative to the behavior featured in the commercial. Giving the commercial an extra twist is the cartoon graphics obscuring the faces of the would-be shoplifters, which in the commercial’s words is to “protect the guilty.”

The guilty and the innocent alike can check out the new Harvey Nichols shoplifting commercial below. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the chain’s UK territory (or are planning on visiting soon), you can check out the store’s advertised rewards app right here.

Here’s the video:

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