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Harrison Oven: The Artisan Oven

by Joseph
Harrison Oven

Harrison Oven

Most of us are content with the oven that was in our home when we moved in, but as with all things there are other levels of craftsmanship and care out there. On that next level is the Harrison oven, an old, old, old-school oven for people who thought electricity in the kitchen was a tragic and unwelcome development.

The Harrison oven does not require electricity to work, instead cooking food by use of solid fuels like wood and charcoal. It’s got a front-mounted thermometer for monitoring the internal temperature just like our forefathers did — it’s the exact opposite of the 21st century smart oven.

Release details and pricing information on the Harrison oven are still to come, but you can see more on the “oven brand like no other” at the official Harrison site right here. And if a craze for artisanal ovens is really in the works, it might be time to start saving up some money so you don’t get left behind.

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