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Hank the Beer Tank Portable Kegerator

by Joseph
Hank the Beer Tank

Hank the Beer Tank

We’re just getting into peak beer season in the United States, which means your chances of enjoying cold beer in a cooler full of ice are going up by the day. The ice-filled cooler method is widely used because of its convenience and simplicity, but it doesn’t necessarily result in the highest degree of freshness for your beer. Which is probably why Hank the Beer Tank was developed.

Hank the Beer Tank is a portable kegerator that keeps your beer cold from virtually any power source – you can even hook it up to the DC power outlets in your car. Its digital thermostat gives precise readings on the coldness of the beer within its either sixtel keg or five-gallon keg. And the whole thing is collapsible, so you really can take it almost anywhere.

Now for the bad news – Hank the Beer Tank is quite a ways off from being available for purchase. It’s set to begin a Kickstarter campaign soon, and you can sign up for updates over on the product’s official site right here.

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