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Hangover Glass Has an Overlaid Guide to Multiple Remedies

by Joseph
Hangover Glass

Hangover Glass

When you’re in the grip of a particularly vicious hangover, it’s always a good idea to conserve as many of your precious brain cells as possible, which means it’s not a good idea for you to try to access a mental store of hangover remedies at that time. No need to go without, though, thanks to the new¬†Hangover Glass¬†by Fred & Friends.

The Hangover Glass is so named for the handy hangover cure guide that’s printed right on the glass. Multiple hangover cures are included, like The Dutch Way, the Silver Fizz, Hair of the Dog, Bloody Mary, Black Velvet, and more, and have all the info you need to prepare them in an extremely addled, headachy state.

The Hangover Glass is available at online stores like this one, where it’s priced at just under $10 – although hangover remedy ingredients are not included, so you’ll have to keep your kitchen well stocked if you see a lot of hangovers in your future.

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