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Hands Free: Google App Lets Users Pay for Purchases With Voice (Video)

by Joseph
Hands Free

Hands Free

There are a lot of voice-control devices out there, but Google has released a new app that conquers yet another behavior that previously required hands: paying for stuff at the store. It’s called, simply, Hands Free, and it will give your credit card’s tired magnetic strip a welcome rest.

In retailers that are set up to allow for Hands Free purchases, the app works like this: Users walk up to the cash register, and when it comes time to pay, they just tell the cashier/their own smartphone “I’ll pay with Google.” Thanks to a combination of Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS location technology, the user’s pre-programmed credit card information is synced up to the purchase in question, and his or her goods are totally paid for, no hands required.

The Google Hands Free app could be godsend for the perpetually busy and the fundamentally lazy, although it’s the former group that gets catered to in a new promotional video for the app that you can watch below. You can stay tuned for more info at the app’s YouTube channel here, but to try it you’ll have to go to a select Silicon Valley participating retailer, for now.

Here’s the video:


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