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Handmade Hublot Lunettes Sunglasses

by Joseph
Hublot Lunettes
Hublot LunettesHublot Lunettes

I probably don’t have to tell you that Swiss brand Hublot is largely known for their timepieces.  But now they’re diversifying a little with the Hublot Lunettes, which is the brand’s attempt to break into the eyewear game.

Like Hublot’s other more well-known output, the Hublot Lunettes is handcrafted with an eye toward technical precision and quality. Designed in conjunction with optics brand Zeiss and German firm Marcus Marienfeld AG, each pair of Lunettes comes equipped with CR-39 lenses, treated with Tri-FlectionTM coating for easy cleaning (on the rare occasion that you do actually have to clean them).

The Hublot Lunettes can be optimized and customized to fit the customer’s optic needs, and will come in two different colorways: Titanium and Titanium Black. As for release details, they’re still to come, but you can take a look at a couple of promotional images of the sunglasses straight from Hublot in the gallery up top. Enjoy.

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