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Hammarhead’s Ninety-Two Motorcycle

by Joseph

Hammarhead Ninety-Two

If you agree that the coolest color of all is black, then Hammarhead has a motorcycle for you.

As you can see from the above photo, the Ninety-Two Hammerhead has enough black in it to satisfy Bruce Wayne, and it’s propelled by a 865cc Twin engine that probably wouldn’t have him scoffing either.

The Ninety-Two Motorcycle is based on the 2007-’08 Triumph Bonneville, and adds black, black, and more black to make this one of the most stylish bikes on the market. Add in some custom intakes, Keihin FCR carbs, a Zard exhaust, and an aggressive suspension system, and you have yourself a bike that is well worth the $16,500 asking price.

You can inquire about purchasing one of these stylish Hammerhead Ninety-Two motorcycles on their website, here.

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