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Halospheres: A Desktop Toy That Spins 3600 RPM

by Joseph


If you’re sick of those boring, standard issue, low-velocity desktop toys, there’s a new class of toy now raising funds on Kickstarter. They’re called Halospheres, and their main function is a Tasmanian Devil-like top speed of 3600 rotations per minute.

The Halospheres “extreme velocity desktop toy” doesn’t require batteries or plutonium or anything to hit those crazy speeds. Instead, you just blown on the steel, gold-plated balls on the included plate with the included tube, and before you know it  you’re bearing witness to “a vortex of kinetic light effects, driven by just the power of your lungs.” Once you master it, you’ll have those light effects — “halos” chief among them — at your fingertips whenever you feel like blowing through a tube instead of working.

Get the full spin on Halospheres at the toy’s Kickstarter listing right here, where pre-orders are starting at $32 for the next two weeks, when the crowdfunding campaign comes to a stop.


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