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Halo Sport Neuropriming Headset (Video)

by Joseph
Halo Sport Neuropriming

Hero Sport Neuropriming

It has long been said that the brain is the most important muscle of them all, but that expression doesn’t tend to get a lot of traction in actual athletic training situations. Now there’s a company called Halo Sport that’s trying to change that through a process they refer to as Neuropriming.

Neuropriming is what the Halo Sport headsets do while in use, as it sends energy pulses through the brain to “prime” the brain in order to maximize its response to workouts. The company says that when an athlete Neuroprimes during exercise, “gains in strength, explosiveness, and dexterity” are significantly accelerated.

It sounds like something from some William Gibson cyberpunk future, but Halo Sport and Neuropriming is very real. It’s also very expensive, with pre-orders on the headsets starting at $550 at the company’s official site right here. You can also see the Neuropriming process in action in the promotional video below.

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