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Halo Compostable Coffee Pods

by Joseph


I saw a political cartoon once that was about that dark secret of the coffee industry: Keurig and other brands like it that use disposable single-use coffee pods are horrible for the environment, clogging up landfills with ever-increasing tons of plastic just to save consumers a couple minutes before their morning coffee. Now, luckily, there’s a new company that specializes in coffee pods that are 100 percent compostable: Halo.

Halo is leaning hard on the environmental effects of rival coffee pod companies, but you don’t have to choke down bad coffee just to protect Mother Earth: Halo is the only coffee pod brand to offer pods of Kopi Luwak Diamond bean, purportedly the rarest coffee on Earth.

You can check out Halo coffee pods at the brand’s official site right here. And to the producers of the upcoming big-screen Captain Planet reboot: I think we just found our superhero’s preferred morning beverage.

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