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Halloween Harland: Official Colonel Sanders Halloween Costume

by Joseph
Halloween Harland

Halloween Harland

Halloween is coming up in less than three weeks, do you know who you’re dressing up as? I’d say with all the KFC Colonels running amok through TV and internet advertising over the past, uh, however long they’ve been doing this nonsense, there’s probably going to be a lot of Colonels on Halloween too. Now, some of them will be decked out in official Colonel Sanders Halloween duds courtesy of the Halloween Harland.

Halloween Harland is billed as an “Authentic Colonel Sanders costume kit,” which for the record includes a(n EXTREMELY creepy) plastic Colonel mask as well as a white plastic dickie/bib that looks like his iconic white suit. Hey, it’s five bucks, what more did you expect?

If that sounds like a fair price to you, head to the KFC online store here and place your order, but once it’s out of stock the Halloween Harland is purportedly gone for good – or at least until next Halloween.

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