Home Entertainment “Hallelujah Money”: Gorillaz Returns With Political New Track (Video)

“Hallelujah Money”: Gorillaz Returns With Political New Track (Video)

by Joseph
Hallelujah Money

Hallelujah Money

Tomorrow, America will get a new president. And today, totally by coincidence, Gorillaz has finally released “Hallelujah Money,” the first track in advance of their upcoming record, complete with a video full of images of Americana and fiery destruction. Again, totally a coincidence.

Gorillaz themselves aren’t featured prominently in the video, even though the track’s lead vocalist Benjamin Clementine is often backgrounded with animation that the galaxy’s favorite animated band could more or less fit in easily. As for the song and its accompanying video’s political content, well, it’s probably better just to let them speak for themselves:


I’m guessing that Gorillaz probably won’t be performing at Trump’s inauguration tomorrow. If “Hallelujah Money” gets you psyched for the band’s as of yet untitled new record, stay tuned to the Gorillaz YouTube channel here for more information and maybe a new video or two in the coming weeks or months before it comes out.

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