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Haiku Smart Fan From Big Ass Fans

by Joseph
Haiku Smart Fan

Haiku Smart Fan

If you thought your ceiling fan was save from the wheels of progress, think again. Fan company Big Ass Fans have unveiled the Haiku, a ceiling fan equipped with technology known as “SenseME” that makes it much smarter than that moron you’ve got spinning above your bed.

The Haiku’s SenseME tech is billed as doing three things. First, it senses when you enter and leave the room, automatically turning the fan on and off as your presence dictates. Second, it also monitors the conditions of the room itself, adjusting its speed according to temperature and humidity. Third, with the help of an integrated smartphone app, it hones in on what you prefer in terms of fan speed, and adjusts accordingly.

For a lot more information on Big Ass Fans’ Haiku smart fan, check out the website for the product here. ¬†You can also pre-order the Haiku, which starts at $1000 and it scheduled to ship sometime near the end of July.

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