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Haddock House by Frank Lloyd Wright is Up for Sale

by Joseph
Haddock House

Haddock House

A lesser known work by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright located in Ann Arbor, Michigan is now up for sale. It’s called Haddock House, originally designed for a (presumably pretty well-off) schoolteacher in 1938. But it took more than 40 years from that point for the house to actually be constructed, when Charles Montooth of Taliesin Assoc. Architects took a commission from astrophysicist Fred Haddock to build the house in 1979. But enough history, what about the house itself? Here’s the word, according to the realtors at Joan Bennett who are selling the house:

“The location embodies his principles of organic architecture, intertwining the house and the 10-acre property of gardens, sloping lawns and old-growth forest overlooking Honey Creek. Previously undisclosed to the public for privacy reasons, this Usonian-style home is designed for the harmony of interior, exterior and environment.”

Sound good? Hope you’ve got $1.2 million handy then, since that’s the list price for Haddock House, which you can check out for free at the home’s online listing right here.


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