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H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkel Mask (Video)

by Joseph
H20 Ninja Mask

H20 Ninja Mask

Who is that lethal predator cutting through the water like a sai, heedless to the danger that surrounds him from all dimensions? I don’t know, but he or she is wearing the H20 Ninja, a full face snorkel mask that looks like something Godfrey Ho would wear while snorkeling.

The H20 Ninja is “designed to make breathing under water as natural as on land,” and according to the H20 website it’s available in multiple color options, although God only knows why you’d ever get it in anything other than black. And it also has a GoPro mount option for sharing your snorkeling adventures with the world.

If you’re not convinced of the appeal of the H20 Ninja full face snorkel mask, you can see it in greater detail in the instructional video below. To purchase one, all you need is to go to the H20 online store here, where it’s priced at just under $145.

Here’s the video:

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