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Gym Stereotypes: A Funny Video by Dude Perfect

by Joseph
Stereotypes: Gym

Stereotypes: Gym

The year 2014 just began, and you know what that means: Our nation’s gyms are more crowded now than they ever will be again for the rest of the year. And so it’s a great time for YouTube comedy troupe Dude Perfect to release a video about the different kinds of people you might encounter during regular workouts.

If the video, called Stereotypes: Gym, is at all accurate, it might make for a decent excuse for all of the Mr. Excuses out there not to go to the gym at all since most of these stereotypes seem pretty unpleasant, if not outright disgusting. But if you manage to make it to the gym anyway, you’ll probably find something to relate to (or at least some behaviors to avoid).

You can watch Dude Perfect’s Stereotypes: Gym video below. And for more funny videos from Dude Perfect, take a look at their YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:

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