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Guy Turns Bedroom Into Retro Arcade, Destroys Relationship (Pics)

by Joseph
Retro Arcade
Retro ArcadeRetro Arcade

Usually when you read about some guy transforming his bathroom into the Batcave or something crazy like that, you either imagine him as a perpetually single guy or as someone with an incredibly patient wife or girlfriend. The awful truth is that sometimes these ostentatious displays of enthusiasm can actually cost someone a relationship, as is the case with one Chris Kooluris.

First, the cool part: Kooluris transformed the bedroom of his apartment into a flashy retro arcade, complete with favorites like Ms Pac-Man and Tron (you can see the before-and-after pics in the gallery up top, via Complex here).  The bad news is that it cost him $32,000 and his relationship with his fiancée. Worth it?

Hopefully the company of old friends like Mario, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Dig Dug will help Chris Kooluris get over the other losses he’s experienced as a result of this transformation.  And even if it doesn’t, at least he never has to collect another quarter for the rest of his life.

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