Home Entertainment ‘Gunpowder’: Guy Fawkes HBO Miniseries Stars Kit Harington (Trailer)

‘Gunpowder’: Guy Fawkes HBO Miniseries Stars Kit Harington (Trailer)

by Joseph


You may know Kit Harington from Game of Thrones, which has its fair share of complicated, long-running bloodlines and family trees. In real life, Harington has his own dramatic lineage – he’s a descendant of Robert Catesby, leader of the famous Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament in 1605. And now, he’s getting to play Catesby in an upcoming HBO miniseries entitled Gunpowder.

There’s a trailer for the miniseries out now, and it’s clear from watching it that Gunpowder will focus more on Catesby than on his much more famous co-conspirator Guy Fawkes. But neither Hawkes nor Catesby can compete with Harington, who gets billed above the title and even has a “ft. Kit Harington” credit in the title of the trailer!

Take a look at the trailer for Gunpowder below. And if you want to catch the whole thing, just remember, remember the 18th of December, when the miniseries premieres on HBO.

Here’s the trailer:

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