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‘Guitar Hero Live’: Reveal Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live

It looks like the five years since the last Guitar Hero game have not been spent just sitting around, as Activision recently announced the next installment of the franchise, and it appears to be a quantum leap ahead of all previous versions of the game. It’s Guitar Hero Live, a game that Activision says will be the most “immersive” rock star simulator yet.

One thing you might notice right away just looking at the photo above is that Guitar Hero Live players will no longer be shredding for animated audiences, as they’ll play in front of live-action crowds played by real people instead. Even more exciting than that is the roll-out of GHTV, “the world’s first playable music video network.” We are officially living in the future, everybody.

But why read about Guitar Hero Live when you can see it in action, which you can do in a very cool “reveal trailer” for the game below.  And for more on the game, which is set to come out on a whole supergroup of platforms this fall, take a look at the official Guitar Hero site right here.

Here’s the video:

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