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Guinness Potato Chips Taste Like Beer

by Joseph
Guinness Potato Chips

We live in a world where almost anything (anything edible, anyway) can be a potato chip flavor, even if for just a short time. And now we have potato chips with a flavor based Guinness’ signature stout. Guinness Potato Chips won’t get you drunk, though, at least not all on their own.

Guinness Potato Chips combine the Guinness beer flavor combination of barley and hops with “Burts British potato chips hand-cooked with care,” and I imagine they taste pretty good once you get used to it – and you get some actual Guinness to wash them down with. There’s also a “Rich Beef Chilli” flavor, which layers the spicy chilli flavoring over the Guinness base.

Unfortunately for North American readers, Guinness Potato Chips are only available in the UK (so why aren’t they called “crisps?”), but wider availability in the future is possible. For now, take a look at both of the flavors in the gallery below, and visit the product website here.

Here’s the gallery:

Guinness Potato ChipsGuinness Potato Chips

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