Home Entertainment ‘Guardians’: Russian Superhero Movie Features Werebear (Video)

‘Guardians’: Russian Superhero Movie Features Werebear (Video)

by Joseph


In 2017, Russia has become something of a political flashpoint in the United States of America, with many blaming them for the election of Donald Trump. Now, Russia is honing in on something even more important to Americans than presidential elections: Superhero movies. It’s called Guardians, and as much as I hate to admit it as a patriot, it looks pretty cool, judging from the trailer that is now getting attention online.

The trailer for Guardians is in Russian and not subtitled, so I have no idea what any of the characters’ names are or whether this is based on a comic book or an original screenplay, but I do know that one of the characters is a guy who turns into a bear. I also have no idea what the plot of the movie is, beyond what seems to be an attack on Moscow by giant robotic spiders, but I’m assuming Trump is somehow involved.

You can see the Guardians in action below, and if it fills you with curiosity but you can’t speak or read Russian, you’re in luck: There’s a pretty detailed breakdown of the movie on Wikipedia right here.


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