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Guardian Water Purifier From MSR (Video)

by Joseph
MSR Guardian Water Purifier

MSR Guardian Water Purifier

If you’re looking for the heaviest-duty water purifier available, you could do a lot worse than the Guardian water purifier from MSR, billed by the company as having “military-grade engineering and game-changing technology” – two impressive attributes in any context, and especially welcome when pure drinking water is involved.

Some of that military-grade engineering and game-changing technology includes medical-grade .02 micron hollow fibers and an automatic flush-back that cleans the filter with 10% of the water from each pump. The Guardian water purifier was also designed with a high premium on durability, which is important given its obvious applications in less-than-comfortable environments where clean water might not be readily available.

You can watch a video about the MSR Guardian water purifier below. And for a lot more information on the product and its capabilities, or to order yours for $350, head over to MSR’s official site for the purifier right here.

Here’s the video:

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