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‘GTA 2 LIVE’ Recreates Old-School ‘Grand Theft Auto’ In Real Life (Video)

by Joseph


The Grand Theft Auto video game franchise has gotten so realistic in its later installments that recreating it in real life would really only be a matter of incident, rather than warping reality to fit the game. But it wasn’t always like that, as the recent short film GTA 2 LIVE demonstrates.

GTA 2 LIVE uses the God’s-eye-view camera that will be familiar to anyone who played the first slate of Grand Theft Auto video games, but with real people, and (perhaps even more impressively) real cars. And it was shot somewhere in the Czech Republic, which is pretty far from GTA‘s southern California turf, but the illusion works pretty well anyway.

You can watch GTA 2 LIVE for yourself below, although you should be warned that it might fill you with an uncontrollable urge to play the real Grand Theft Auto 2. And for more from the makers of this short, check out their YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:

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