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Wood Watch From Grovemade: “A New Way To Consider Time”

by Joseph
Wood Watch

Wood Watch

Here’s a product that will probably have Mr. Woodchuck in paroxysms of excitement. It’s the Wood Watch by Grovemade, a timepiece that’s carved out of wood, and designed from the bottom up with that in mind (in other words, it’s not just a regular watch with some wood trim on the surface for novelty).

Made from Oregon Claro Walnut, Eastern Hardrock Maple, leather, and a core of stainless steel, the Grovemade Wood Watch shows time passing in a way that’s intended to be more tactile and in sync with the natural world than a traditional watch or smartphone. It works by way of a special Japanese movement and 12 windows on the face of the watch that “simplify time to its essence.” It might take some practice to read it, but once you get over the splinters you should be fine (just kidding).

The Grovemade Wood Watch won’t start shipping until late this year at the earliest, but you can either pre-order one for $239 or get your name on a mailing list for information on when it becomes available at Grovemade’s online store here. And remember the next time you check your phone for the time: You could have wood.

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