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Grismont Driving Irons: 3D Printed Golf Clubs

by Joseph
Grismont Driving Irons

Grismont Driving Irons

My Facebook feed tells me that the Masters golf tournament is currently going on in Georgia, so it would make sense to cover at least one cool golf-related product today. But Grismont Driving Irons are interesting enough to be worth a read regardless of the date, and whether or not you’re interested in golf.

That’s because Grismont Driving Irons are actually 3D printed, with designs from artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques inspired by Asian sculpture and the ornate designs of Mashrabiyas windows found most commonly in the Arab world. The result are unusually visually stunning golf clubs, and owing to their 3D printed structures they’re lighter and easier to use than ordinary clubs as well.

All three Grismont Driving Irons are available in limited quantities from the Grismont Paris online store right here, where you can purchase one starting at around $1,700. It probably won’t be enough to get you into the Masters, but it’s a start.


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