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GrillTimer: “The World’s First BBQ Timing Watch”

by Joseph


When I think about fashionable essential grilling accessories, my brain immediately jumps to those “Kiss The Cook” aprons favored by goofy sitcom characters everywhere. But there may be a new top-of-the-heap coming to grillers’ wardrobes, and it’s a lot more useful than any novelty apron. ┬áIt’s the GrillTimer, billed by its makers at Little Griddle Innovations as the first watch in the world specifically designed for BBQ timing.

The GrillTimer uses a simple rotating bezel as a guide to let you know how much longer you should leave a variety of meats on the grill, including New York strip, beef kebab, hamburger, and even portobello mushroom. Underneath, the watch is powered by a quartz Seiko movement, and is water-resistant, luminous, and has an extra window for the date, so it’s a pretty solid watch, even apart from the BBQ component.

The GrillTimer watch from Little Griddle Innovations is in its fundraising stage on Kickstarter here, and you can pre-order yours for $25 and up.

Please remember to use your enhanced grilling powers for good, not evil.

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