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Grillo: The Portable Barbecue From formAxiom

by Joseph


Generally, portable barbecuing is limited to a small kettle grill you can throw in your trunk or the back of your car, but formAxiom weren’t content with standard procedure in the field of portable barbecue grills. And so we have Grillo, an “ultra-portable barbecue” that doesn’t sacrifice functionality or safety for (ultra-)portability.

Grillo uses an umbrella-like folding mechanism to transform from a slim, compact cylindrical shape to a fully functional and safe grill – and not the kind you have to crouch down in order to use. As for the actual grilling part, its stainless steel mesh Fire-Hammock works with pretty much any solid fuel – and it’s purportedly pretty easy to clean, too.

Anyway, the formAxiom Grillo doesn’t have a price tag yet, and further release details are still to come, but you can check it out in detail over at the portable grill’s official site right here. And hopefully it will be made available for purchase soon.

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