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Grillbot: Outsource Your Grill Cleaning to the Machines

by Joseph


Cleaning a grill is toward the top of the list of tedious and annoying chores, somewhere in between toilet bowl cleaning and artificially inseminating a horse. But it’s 2014 now, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t let robots clean our grills for us, which is exactly what you can do with the Grillbot.

The Grillbot is a new piece of hardware akin to those automatic vacuum cleaners that have been around for a while. But this one is designed to clean grills, and it does it by way of three electronically powered and CPU-controlled wire brushes, as well as a timer and alarm system to tell you when the job is done.

You can buy a Grillbot now for $130 at the Grillbot website here, where you can also get some more information on the product. Worst case scenario is that your Grillbot becomes self-aware and tries to kill you, but that probably won’t happen for a few years anyway.

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