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Grey Goose VX Vodka

by Joseph
Grey Goose VX

Grey Goose VX

The vodka makers at Grey Goose has unveiled a new line of vodka that they’re audaciously claiming is “the world’s best tasting vodka.” It’s called Grey Goose VX, and the secret to its distinctive flavor (if this can indeed be said to be a secret) is the small hint of cognac that each batch of VX vodka is crafted with.

Grey Goose VX vodka is said by the company to be inspired by François Thibault, the creator of Grey Goose. And Grey Goose also recommends that its VX vodka be served on the rocks, all the better to appreciate flavor notes of plum, apricot, wild honey, and more.

As they say, reading about Grey Goose VX vodka is a little bit like dancing about architecture, but if you’re not fed up yet you can get some more information on the VX line from the official Grey Goose website here. And to try some for yourself, head to the participating Grey Goose retailer nearest you, where a bottle of VX will set you back about $75.

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