Home Entertainment ‘Gremlins Recall’ – Fan Film Acts as Unofficial ‘Gremlins’ Sequel (Video)

‘Gremlins Recall’ – Fan Film Acts as Unofficial ‘Gremlins’ Sequel (Video)

by Joseph
Gremlins Recall

Gremlins Recall

Every year, it’s important to remember the true reason for the holiday season: Gremlins. For 17 years now, we’ve had to content ourselves with just Gremlins and its sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch, but now we have a new fan film that will just have to do until the long-rumored Gremlins 3 gets made. It’s called Gremlins Recall.

Gremlins Recall, or if you prefer, Gremlins: Recall, is about a new line of Mogwai that have had all their most distinctive idiosyncrasies removed by a giant corporation in order to sell them to the masses. Thanks to a new drug treatment, these Gremlins can be fed after midnight, soaked in water, and exposed to bright lights without any negative consequences.

As you can probably guess, that turns out not to work so well. You can see what I mean by checking out Gremlins Recall below, provided you’ve got 10 minutes to spare. And for more where that came from, check out director Ryan Patrick’s other work on Vimeo right here.

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