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Green Lantern: Deceased Man Posed as Superhero for Wake (Photos)

by Joseph
Green Lantern Wake

There’s a trend that’s picking up speed in Puerto Rico that involves unorthodox posing of dead bodies for wakes and funerals. Instead of the traditional tasteful suit/casket combo, more and more people are getting propped up like mannequins for their last parties on Earth. One of these is the recently departed Renato Garcia, who was recently photographed at his own wake dressed like DC Comics superhero Green Lantern.

The Green Lantern costume worn by Garcia at his wake was actually part of his wardrobe while he was alive, after he found it in a bag of donated clothing. Whether or not he specifically requested to be displayed as the latest of the Green Lantern Corps is unknown, but the photos are proof that his family thought it was a good idea.

You can see some photos of the wake, which I’m too classy to label as “Green Lantern Corpse,” in the gallery below. And for more on Renato Garcia and his unusual wake, head to an article on the subject at the NY Daily News site here.

Here’s the gallery:

Green Lantern WakeGreen Lantern WakeGreen Lantern Wake

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