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Gravity: “The Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Stress and Anxiety”

by Joseph
Gravity Blanket

Gravity Blanket

Life’s funny sometimes. A few years ago there was a movie called Gravity that was a great vehicle for causing anxiety and stress in viewers. Now, there’s a blanket, also called Gravity, that’s designed to alleviate anxiety and stress. Pretty wild, right? Or maybe that’s just me that thinks so.

The Gravity blanket is custom engineered to weigh about ten percent of what you do, and the idea behind this is that using the blanket will simulate the physical sensation of being hugged. Serotonin and melatonin levels go up, cortisol goes down, and you never have to have a prescription filled – or even hug an actual human being.

Gravity is a blanket that is warm in both senses of the word, and apparently the idea is extremely appealing in this day and age, according to its performance on Kickstarter so far. You can pre-order one on Kickstarter right here starting at $189.


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