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Grandpa’s FireGrill From Light My Fire

by Joseph
Grandpa's FireGrill

Grandpa's FireGrill

It’s already practically the middle of August, but you’ve still got a few weekends of barbecue and camping season left. So you might be interested in the new Grandpa’s FireGrill from Light My Fire, a low-tech solution to a low-tech problem: How to efficiently and effectively grill over an open flame.

That low-tech sensibility extends to the fact that Grandpa’s FireGrill doesn’t even come with a handle—instead, it “attaches to practically any stick.” And the stainless steel wire frame grill is collapsible and adjustable, so you can grill up almost any food you can imagine with it—and I can only imagine what it could do for s’mores.

The Light My Fire Grandpa’s FireGrill is available now from Amazon here for under $20, so if you order one now you might have it in time for your next camp out or barbecue. If not, you could always use it during a winter barbecue, or something like that.

(via Uncrate)

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