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‘Grand Blue’: Gentle Monster Turns NYC Store Into Underwater Paradise (Pics and Video)

by Joseph
Grand Blue
Grand BlueGrand BlueGrand BlueGrand BlueGrand Blue

Visitors to the flagship New York City store of eyewear brand Gentle Monster between now and August 31st are in for a special treat, courtesy of glass sculptor Ivan Lee Mora and aquarium designer Justin Muir. It’s called Grand Blue, an installation that reimagines the store as an underwater wonderland inspired by the movie The Big Blue.

Grand Blue uses colored lighting (I’ll let you guess which color), sculpted glass, and actual water and fish to create the closest thing to Atlantis currently within the New York metropolitan area. Here’s a more poetic description, straight from the people at Gentle Monster themselves:

The waves of the abyss call to you, inviting you below to the ever calm, ever silent blue.

Whispers of joy and happiness greet you on the bottom; on the surface is where you will find your

peace. The Solar Hibernation is forgotten as the waves of the Grand blue take over 79 Grand st.

Gentle Monster presents the Grand Blue, a vision of peace and happiness on the surface of the

ocean, a place so still and calm that time becomes irrelevant. Witness the vision of glass artist Ivan

Mora and aquarium designer Justin Muir created with Gentle monster. Clashing waves and a high tide

frozen in time, along with sunken glasses, offer the unique experience of being deep below.

Uh, OK. Less poetically-inclined people may prefer to take a look at Grand Blue in the gallery up at the top, with a few pictures of the installation. And a short teaser video can be viewed below if you haven’t watched it already.


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