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Grain Belt Dual Pour Can Topper

by Joseph
Grain Belt Dual Pour

Grain Belt Dual Pour

Splitting a can of beer with your significant other is probably not a traditional Valentine’s Day gesture, but that’s only because of the logistical problems it represents. Enter the Grain Belt Dual Pour, a 3D printed can topper designed to facilitate this exact activity.

The Grain Belt Dual Pour fits over Grain Belt beers (and presumably other beers as well), and is equipped with both dual vents and dual diamond-shaped pour spouts. The end result is twin pours of the beer of your choice, into the properly placed glasses of yourself and that special someone. Grain Belt puts it like this: “nothing says ‘I love you’ or ‘you are my sun, my moon and all my stars’ like half your beer.” Hard to argue with that.

You’re unlikely to be able to score one by Valentine’s Day this year, but you can get a Grain Belt Dual Pour from Shapeways right here for $13 and be ready for next year.

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