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New Graham Chronofighter Oversize Watches

by Joseph

Graham Chronofighter Black Sahara

The Swiss watchmakers at Graham are known for consistently turning out high-quality upscale watches. Well, their newest line of oversize black watches have hit the market, and all indications seem to point to their continuing the tradition of quality that Graham represents. Each watch in the series is named along a vaguely natural theme: Black Sahara and K2, which are pictured above and below, respectively, and Raptor, Amazonia, and Black Forest. Outdoor enthusiasts might note that they’re unlikely to come across any “raptors” in their travels, but whatever, they’re just names.

The watches are outfitted with a bunch of outdoor-appropriate tech, including a telemeter scale along the dial of the watch. According to Graham, this can be used in the wild to determine how far you are from lightning strikes – in case the old “count to 5 for each mile” method fails you. As for price – these watches are currently going for about $6,900.

Graham Oversize K2

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