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“Graffiti” Nike Kobe 8

by Joseph
“Graffiti” Nike Kobe 8
“Graffiti” Nike Kobe 8“Graffiti” Nike Kobe 8“Graffiti” Nike Kobe 8

A new colorway for the Nike Kobe 8, recently seen being worn by Kobe Bryant himself, now has an official release date from Nike. And it’s not too far of; on August 24th, the shoe will be available from Nike‘s online store here.

The new colorway is called “Graffiti,” aptly named because of the street-art-inspired graffiti grey upper, joined by hits of flash lime in the lining, heel and swoosh logo.

In addition to copping the Nike Kobe 8 “Graffiti” on August 24th (when it will retail for $140), you can check out some preview photos of the sneaker in the gallery up top.

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