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GovDeals: Buy Stuff the TSA Confiscated at Airports

by Joseph
GovDeals via Cool Material

GovDeals via Cool Material

Ever wonder what happens to stuff that the TSA confiscates from travelers too rushed to make arrangements to keep whatever the dangerous object is? A lot of it ends up at auctions put on by GovDeals, which “provides services to various government agencies that allow them to sell surplus and confiscated items via the Internet.”

GovDeals basically looks and feels like you would imagine a government-run eBay knockoff would, but you can find some pretty good bargains there, especially if you’re into creep gear like folding knives and other potential contraband. Police departments throughout the country also use the site to sell off their lawfully gotten loot.

Check out GovDeals right here, if you’re looking to score some good, possibly trouble-making swag, or if you’re hoping to get some early Christmas shopping done. The selection varies on a daily basis, too, so keep checking it out if you find it lacking today.

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