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‘Gotti’: Travolta, John Plays the Teflon Don (Trailer)

by Joseph


The world needs another mob movie like a hole in the head, but somehow the appeal of John Travolta stepping into the role of real-life mafioso John Gotti seems strong enough to outweigh that bit of market saturation. Luckily, you can judge for yourself, at least to the extent that one can make a judgement with a trailer for the upcoming movie, which is entitled Gotti.

This is the kind of movie where a character says, “you’ll need the support of all five boroughs,” then proceeds to NAME ALL FIVE BOROUGHS, just in case anyone in the audience isn’t familiar with the concept. There are exploding cars, big hairdos, gunshots, conversations between jailhouse partitions, and lots of other mob movie staples. And the trailer, for good measure, throws in some Inception-style orchestra hits on the soundtrack:


Rest in peace Jonathan Demme. Gotti is slated to hit theaters on December 15th.

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