Home Entertainment ‘Gossamer’: A Magazine for “People Who Also Smoke Weed”

‘Gossamer’: A Magazine for “People Who Also Smoke Weed”

by Joseph


As marijuana gets more and more mainstream, the days in which enjoying it could be a central tenet of one’s entire personality get farther and farther behind us in the cultural rear view mirror. Enter Gossamer, a kind of High Times for the 21st century.

Gossamer is billed as being for “people who also smoke weed.” “Also,” as in, you’re not a dude with pot leafs on every t-shirt you own, and you don’t feel obligated to bring it up in each and every conversation you have. To that end, subjects of links on the magazine’s website include the eccentric Twitter account of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, South African beef jerky, and whatever happened to Brendan Fraser.

Check out that website, and order your copy of Gossamer’s inaugural issue, right here. And feel free to fire one up before you do so — or not, that’s all up to you.


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