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20 Gorgeous Women Who Shaved Their Heads

by Esteban

hot women with shaved heads

If you are a sports fan, then chances are you heard about the two Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders who shaved their heads to raise money for cancer research. Actually, even if you are not a sports fan, if you live in North America, there is a good chance you heard about it. Why? Because it always seems to be big news when an attractive woman buzzes off her locks. I don’t exactly know why that seems to fascinate people (I’m not a sociologist, obviously), but it does.

And since I’m not one to go against the grain, I thought I’d give the people (that’s you) what they want today by doing a list of gorgeous women who have shaved their heads. Some of them did it for movie roles. Some of them did it to make a fashion statement. Some of them did it for charity. But they all went bald at one time or another, and they are all generally considered to be good-looking. So take a look, won’t you?

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