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Gordy’s Fine Brine: Pickle Juice for Cocktails

by Joseph
Gordy's Fine Brine

Gordy's Fine Brine

There are two types of people in this big, expansive world of ours: those that throw the sour juice out when the pickles are all gone, and those that guzzle it like it’s Powerade. For the latter group there is now Gordy’s Fine Brine, a pickle juice that comes in cans so you can skip the pickles entirely.

The label on each can of Gordy’s Fine Brine says that it’s “for cocktails,” and it may very well be, provided you don’t mind a shot of vinegar with your alcohol from time to time. But it can also be enjoyed on its own by the connoisseur of this unique beverage, perhaps with a dish of salt and vinegar potato chips (or, dare I say, pickles).

Four-packs of Gordy’s Fine Brine, 12 ounces to a can, go for $16 on the nose from the Gordy’s Pickle Jar online store here, where pickle people  can shop for other pickle products to their hearts’ content.

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