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GoPro Odyssey: Massive $15,000 Camera Rig for Google Jump VR (Video)

by Joseph
GoPro Odyssey

GoPro Odyssey

The Ben-Hur of virtual reality camera rigs is finally here, in the form of the GoPro Odyssey, a giant camera rig made up of 16 HERO4 Black cameras in a 360-degree formation, synchronized and engineered for Google‘s new Jump virtual reality platform.

The GoPro Odyssey is a $15,000 piece of equipment, including necessary cables, 16 MicroSD cards, 16 Array Bacpacs, and more. And even though that’s a prohibitively expensive price tag for the usual GoPro hobbyist, this is still a development that everybody can get excited about, judging from the very cool VR footage that’s already been released by the brand (you can check it out even without a VR set of your own below).

Even if you can afford $15,000 for a VR camera rig, the GoPro Odyssey is still only being offered up to “select industry professionals.” ¬†You can try to get on the guest list at the product’s official site right here. But as you’ll see below, this is good news for everybody who likes seeing video footage and virtual reality experiences like never before.

Here’s the video:

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